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JCOMM/IODE Expert Team on Data Management Practices (ETDMP)

ETDMP Pilot Project 3
“End-to-End Data Management Prototype”
(E2EDM Prototype)

The "end-to-end" data management (E2EDM) system is considered as the coordinated and inter-connected combination of the following components:

  • Marine and ocean meteorological data management systems (local DM systems) which are available and being developed under various ocean study programs and services.

  • Integration technology as an "umbrella" that comprises local DM systems and provides communication and "transparent" interaction between metadata, data and products resulted from these DM systems and also an end-user access to any data and information generated by DM systems. 

The goal of this ETDMP Pilot Project is to develop a prototype of the Web-oriented technology that can undertake real-time data fusion from distributed oceanographic and marine meteorological data sources into sample products of interest to JCOMM users and can demonstrate "end to end" data management opportunities (further, E2EDM technology).

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